Monday, Sept 8th, 2014

Dear Fam, Friends, and Somewhat Acquaintances…

Hello again all from your friendly neighbor to the north. Canada is starting to cool down quite a bit. I really enjoy the weather we have been having. Sometimes it’s rainy, except the sometimes bit. Well it rains quite a lot, but I absolutely love it! Rain is the best! It’s 9 degrees Celsius today. Yeah go and convert that… Canada is weird because it uses the metric system, but I’m finding it actually quite nice. Though I do laugh when someone says “Oh yeah for sure we are out of 4L of milk, eh”. Ha ha okay just kidding they don’t all sound like that, but it’s funny when a gallon of milk becomes 4L of milk. 
Ummm let’s see what else? Oh I hope my mom is still posting my emails on my blog (*cough *cough because I know she hasn’t…). So this past week has been interesting and I am just really grateful to a companion who is understanding. It was hard Saturday/Sunday because we went to Stake Conf and had to stay the night in Regina. I did not sleep well, but do not fret all is well now. My Comp is really the best. She takes everything in stride and is just so very great. 
Moose Jaw is good too. We are working with a few less actives. One of the things that I have found about the people here in this area of Canada (can’t say it’s true for all of Canada) is that they are either too lazy to change or too stubborn to! Plus they are crazy drivers! Okay and while we are on the subject of driving… Can I say I will never complain about utah roads ever again. After driving Saskatchewan (and sometimes having a full bladder while doing so) let’s just say that the roads in UT are things of beauty. So be grateful that you have them. 
Okay so I’m not sure what else to share. I really am loving this work and even though it is hard and sometimes we struggle through either missions or just life in general remember that God loves us and that we will be lifted up and supported in our trials (Alma 36:3). 
People here in Moose Jaw are actually really good. Though we are struggling with just getting referrals. It’s like people worry that they will lose their friends if they refer the missionaries to them… People give Missionaries referrals! It’s hard enough to do this work, but if we don’t have help from the Members we can’t do much. Your friends will understand that it is done out of love. We haven’t gotten 1 referral in my whole 2+ weeks here! Canadians… golly!
Any way things are going here in the north. I hope to hear from some more of you and hear about your lives. It helps to hear things from home, and plus if you make it really good it’ll be like reading a book and all adventure like ha ha! 
Anyway I love you all and hope things are going well in the States. Remember that God loves you and He wants you to be happy! Â  
~Sister Veylupek
P.S. Don’t complain about gas prices either… it’s 1.23 a liter. So roughly $5 or so a gallon… AND on that note too things here in Canada are super expensive. I don’t know why people want to live here, I suppose just the weird ones do… 😉 (ha ha that was a joke for my Canadian friends who are reading this)

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