Late posting this one- Letter from Mon. Sept 1st

Hello everyone,

Things here in Canada are going well. It’s still weird sometimes to see the Canadian Flag instead of the American one. I did see an american one outside a hotel today and it sort of made me miss the states. Things in canada are weird. They spell things strange (hence the labor day with the u where it doesn’t belong). Another instance of them spelling things weird. I was at the ATM today and it said Chequing…. LIKE REALLY?!? I was super confused for a moment.
But other than that stuff things are going well. My companion and I have been trying hard to work and to spread the gospel. We are actually seeing a lot of success on the thing called Facebook. Maybe y’all have heard of it? Well it’s so neat to see how the world is changing and how the gospel is being shared now. If we could all strive to share with just one of our friends on FB who is either less-active or a nonmember think about how many people would be able to come unto Christ…? MIND blowing isn’t it. Over a billion users a month on FB…. There you go that was me on my soap box for the day.
I have been learning to rely on the Lord a lot more. It’s hard being on a mission and everyone tells you that before you go, but you never know what to expect or you don’t realize then just the kind of struggles you’re going to face. It’s been interesting to see. There would be no way that this work would move on if we as missionaries didn’t rely on the Lord almost 100% of the time. It should be 100% but let’s face it we are all stubborn people and we like to pretend we can do things on our own, but we can’t.
My companion and I are teaching mostly people on FB and we have been trying to find new “real” people to teach, but sometimes it’s hard. We always seem busy, but we are trying to apply that good, better, best thing to how we spend our time. It’s good to go over to a member’s house, but it’s better if we bring an investigator, and best if the members bring someone for us to teach. We are trying to get members in our ward to get more involved by giving us referrals, but that seems to be one of the hard things for them to do….
Also I’m going to climb back up on my soap box for a moment. If you get the chance to feed the missionaries please take it!! We don’t get a lot of money each month and they base what we get off of if we get fed 1 meal a day by members. I have started to become a better budget-er because the reality of it is that members don’t feed the missionaries as much as they should…… Now I’ll climb back down from my soap box.
Ummmm what else? Oh I was going to talk about the Mosquitoes here. THEY ARE EVIL!!! EVIL I tell you. I think they are immune to deet and all the other bug sprays too! Any way it is getting cooler here so I hope that they all DIE!
I’m not sure what else to write about. Things in Canada are going well. I miss you all and the states. I miss my car too… Oh man she is such a good ol’ thing. Any way not that y’all needed to know that. I hope that your week is fabulous and remember the Lord loves you!
Sister Kaitlin Veylupek 

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