First Email from Canada!

Dear Fam and Friends,

Well hello everyone from our neighbor to the north. I arrived here in Canada safely on Wednesday of last week. We were pushed through customs and they basically just gave us our visas… It took about 15 mins. Ha ha They are apparently really open about who comes to Canada and for how long. My visa is good until March 2016! Which feels so far away, but in reality it really isn’t that far. That first night I stayed in the mission home. My mission president and his wife are actually quite amazing and they really do love the work that they are doing. Thursday I found out where I would be going and then I went and stayed with another set of sisters in Winnipeg because I wouldn’t be leaving for my area until Friday morning.
Okay so I must just preface where I am with saying that Heavenly Father must have a sense of humor. SO I poked fun at my roommate penny for serving in Canada before I got my mission call, and then I got called to Canada…. Then while talking with my mother on day we were sort of picking our places that had funny names and maybe poking more fun at them then we should have… One of the places we mentioned was Moose Jaw. We thought “who names a town Moose Jaw?”. Well friends guess where my first area? Yup you called it I am in the lovely little town of Moose Jaw. It is really small! And with both sets of elders and us sisters we pretty much make up half of the congregation on sunday. Ha ha not really but that gives you an idea of how small it is. It is barely more than a branch.
We are however only 45 mins away from Regina where the temple is located. Which is really nice, because if our ward is doing temple night we only have to as our zone leaders for permission to go. Alright on ward through the week. So friday we get up at 5am to be ready and at the church by 6:30. We traveled like another 8 hours to get to Regina, and then I had another 45 mins with my new companion. It was a long day, but as soon as we got to Moose Jaw we were on the Lord’s time so we set off to work. We helped a member to move in. Then Saturday we did weekly planning and it went really good. Sunday was your typical sunday with church and then trying to meet with people.
In Canada 85% of members are less actives… So that along with other missionary work too is one of our big goals. Becuase 85 is just too high of a number.
We have I think 2 progressing investigators, but we hope to get 2 more moving towards that path this week. Oh I’m sure you are all wondering about my Companion aren’t you? Well here you go. Her name is Sister Tomkinson. She is from Orem Ut she is really just amazing and I couldn’t have asked for a better trainer or companion. She know’s sign language and actually signs all her prayers when we aren’t at a lesson. I think it is so neat. She is hard working and willing to put up with me so that is something, eh? (like how I just used eh? And it’s not just a myth they actually do say it ALLL the time here!) She is understanding and very patient when I am not getting everything that I ought to. We are working well together and I think that the Lord knew we would be powerful teachers together. We are working hard to set a standard for the elders in our area and also for ourselves. We figured that we should put our whole effort into doing this work.
Our mission is actually really quite “liberal” in the music we can listen to also. We can listen to all sorts of church music and I know that’s actually quite different than the North Carolina mission. It’s really good though, so if any of you want to burn me a cd or a thumb drive of EFY music or things like that it would be greatly appreciated. 
Oh and something else I think I should mention. One mail here is sometimes really slow. We are a far way from our mission home and so we don’t always get the mail right away. It can take up to 6 weeks (once a transfer) for mail to come to us, but some times it isn’t that long. Second because it has to go through customs don’t put it’s value over $60 because if you do that they charge extra taxes and then I’ll end up having to pay for those.
Anyway I hope that you are all doing well in the States. It could be worse you could be in Canada 😉 and to my Canadian friends sorry this place is just so weird! ha ha
Sister Veylupek

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