Week 2

Well Hello everyone!!

Today is going pretty well. I have been able to kind of relax and sort of get over my sinus infection… Yeah my allergies got bad and lead to a sinus infection. So that’s been interesting.

Well this past week has just flown by! We have had a lot going on and I have learned so much. It’s crazy how much can change in just 2 weeks! Everyday is just a blur. We taught our TRC (whose name is Devan and she’s a girl) investigator and she really isn’t a member… SHE IS A FOR REALS investigator. It went alright, but at the same time there were things that we had problems with. We did get her to commit to finish the book of mormon and to continue learning about the church. And also I bore a really crazy testimony to her and I’m not even sure what I said…. It left my comp speech-less (which never happens)

We also got new missionaries here. One is Sister Rentz from Goldsboro NC!!! And she know my Cuz Reba Barnes! Say what?!?! She is basically one of my favorites like ever…. ha ha just kidding but really she’s pretty cool I mean she loves batman so yeah she’s cool in my book.

UH what else? Oh yeah yesterday we had our sunday devotional and guess who it was? JENNY OAKS BAKER!! It was so very amazing!

We learned about trusting the Holy Ghost in teaching and leading where the lesson goes. Yeah that was the best lesson ever!!!! We have some really good teachers and I am amazed at what the teachers do to make a lesson run smoothly.

Um I’m sorry this isn’t terribly long… I forgot my note book up stairs saying all the things I wanted to talk about…. 😦 Oh well I guess I can just add to it later. Or next week. Uhhhhhhh I think that is it. I promise next week my email will be a lot better and a little longer. I’ll be able to tell you about canada!!!!!!!!! Though I am excited I am not excited about having to be at the travel office at 2:30 am!!!

Love you all!!

Sister veylupek


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