First Email

Dear Family and Friends!

Hello all!!! This was the first time I have been able to get to email people. Being at the MTC is a lot different than anything that I have ever done. It’s a lot harder than you would think… Plus there are stairs everywhere!!! And anyone that knows me knows that I hate entirely stairs. But things here are really good. I have been learning a lot. My companion is from Trinidad and so she speaks with an accent. Sometimes she speaks really fast and most of what she says in those moments go right over my head. But it is a good companionship. She went through the temple today for the first time and I was able to be her escort. It was a really neat experience.

We’ve been learning a lot about the gospel and we even have had to teach some of the lessons in 1 min or less. Yeah that was really interesting. It forces us to really focus on what is important. I really have enjoyed all of it…. Well mostly. I feel exhausted all the time trying to be so close to the Spirit all the time. Plus we get up at like 6 so that we can get all that we need to done.

I’m the oldest in my class and it’s really hard sometimes to be around 18-19 year olds. I have a hard time connecting to them, and yet I have found that they are some really great people. I’m not sure what else to say. I’ll have to write my thoughts and ideas down this week for next week so that once I’m in front of a computer I don’t blank on it.

Any way I love you all and appreciate your support. If you have questions or what ever and want to know more about what’s going on here just send a personal email to me and I’d love to answer!


Sister Kaitlin Veylupek


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