A 2 Week Mishap and the Miracles that Followed

Okay for all of you that may not realize, but a month has passed since my last post. This past week marked just two short weeks before I go to the MTC. This post is about what happened on wednesday which marked exactly two weeks. As many of you may or may not know I love to fix cars. I love to get my hands dirty and figure out what is wrong with things and be able to fix them. This week I decided that I would try and fix the things wrong with my car before I hand it over to my mother for eighteen months. Among the things that need to be fixed is my exhaust, brakes, oil change, adjusting of a belt, and topping off of all the fluids in my car (also getting a nail removed from my tire and getting it plugged, but I can’t do that). I started with my brakes first. I did the front driver’s side without a problem it worked perfectly and I was able to do it fairly quickly.

After I was done I moved to the front passenger’s side. Now this side was a little more difficult, but I kept pushing forward. I had my leg out in front of me, and so that meant they were under the car I was working on that was jacked up. I was getting frustrated with the caliper pistons because they weren’t reseting as easily as the driver’s side. It was because of this frustration that I failed to be aware of my surroundings. It wasn’t until the car started to roll forward that I realized something was about to go horribly wrong. Imagine with me a couple thousand pound car with no wheel on it heading straight for your legs. I panicked and wasn’t sure what I could do. I had no time to move my legs, and there was no way I could catch the car and make it stop. So it happened and I had to watch as the car came down on my legs. I will now explain the abundance of miracles that happened.

First, the way the car came down on my legs there should have been no way I could have gotten my legs out on my own. I had no way to call for help because my phone was in my room charging. So the fact that somehow I was able to free myself still astounds me. I have no doubt that there were angels there helping to get myself free.

Second, and I know this sounds silly, my prayers were answered. They were answered in the fact that I was able to re-jack up my car and finish the brake job.

Third, after finishing the job I went in to clean my wounds. Realizing that the gash on my leg probably needed stitches I tried to call out to my roommate for help. She didn’t answer. I was however supposed to meet a friend and not trusting myself to drive at this point text her and asked her to come and pick me up and take me to the doctors office. She being the awesome person that she is quickly called me. She was in the car and on her way over to help! Also she stayed with me through the visit and even drove me to the store to get my prescription. She bought me ice, and all around was just an amazing friend.

Fourth, up until this past month I did not have health insurance. Due to some wonky stuff going on at the beginning of this month I decided to get some just to be on the safe side before going on the mission. Holy lucky/miracle! I had to get stitches and they took x-rays to make sure nothing was broken. Which would have been super expensive otherwise.

Fifth, as stated above I got stitches, but that was it. No broken bones, granted I have some grisly bruising. I’ve heard stories about people who have lost appendages or worse their lives due to cars falling on them. All I got was seven little stitches. And because there was no significant damage done I didn’t have to postpone going on my mission. I will still report to the MTC on August 6th.

Now I’m pretty sure there are so many other miracles that happened that day, but I decided to just name a few here. Probably because that’s all I can remember at the moment. Writing an email to my friend today I realized that there are some real life applications to this accident. First and foremost always double check your jack, have a jack stand, and to be super save put your tire under the rotor in case it falls. Then it won’t fall on you but on the tire. But I’d rather talk about the spiritual things that I learned from this. I had such a strong impression after the accident that I was helped so much because I am meant to go on my mission on August 6th and not have anything delayed. It was a confirmations to me of how much the Lord is looking out for me.

But in a more wide view of it let’s consider a few other things. Now I know I had angels helping me that day, but let’s consider something real quick. It would have been so easy for me to get upset that it even happened at all. I have been praying for strength and protection to be able to serve ever since getting my call. I could have looked at this accident and wondered why it even happened at all. Heavenly Father could have kept the car from rolling off the jack… but He didn’t and from this accident I have learned so much. God doesn’t always keep all the bad things from happening to us. It’s not because He doesn’t want to, but it’s because through our trials we learn. No parent wants to see their children hurt, but children learn the most sometimes when they do fall down. Likewise Heavenly Father doesn’t want us to hurt.

I have decided to look at the positives of this accident instead of the negative of it even happening. Miracles happened on Wednesday and I cannot deny it. I know that if we can look at our trials and find the positive we will see how much we are being helped. I love this gospel and I love the fact that as I try to live it I know that angels of protection walk before me. God loves us all and He is helping us everyday. I know this and I have seen it this past week. I know that there is someone up in Canada that is meant to teach me something, and perhaps I’ll teach someone too. There is an appointed time that I am meant to go, and I will go. Heavenly Father is great, Jesus lives, and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the true church on earth. These are things I believe and am having opportunities to learn and know everyday.

Here are some photos of my legs incase you wanted to know what it looks like to drop a car on them….

photo1 (1) photo4 photo3 photo2 photo1


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